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Modern Mental Health is an outpatient mental health facility located in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. It is Modern Mental Health’s mission to help those suffering with mental health challenges to become self-sufficient and productive adults. Our belief is that the earlier the interventions, the higher the likelyhood that the individual will learn to manage or even eradicate problematic symptoms. Modern Mental Health offers an array of programs specifically outlined for a variety of disorders including Autism, Reactive Attachment Disorder, Developmental delays, Borderline Personality Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Family Conflict, and ADHD.

At Modern Mental Health, we also assert that solutions cannot always be the same for each child as we believe each child is unique. Therefore, Modern Mental Health has designed a program that every child, adolescent, adult, and family member can utilize in order to change the impact of the entire family unit. This program is a more fluid guideline as many of our families need flexibility and adaptability in order to meet their needs. Furthermore, we also believe that behavior doesn’t occur in a vacuum. An individual’s behavior is influenced by their environment, family environment, school, or social/community involvement.  Consequently, we believe that solutions are found in those systems as well, and at Modern Mental Health we view the family as the client. Family member’s participation in therapy is essential in discovering and then managing or eradicating symptoms throughout the entire family system.

Our programs are designed in a level system that ends in the highest level of self-sufficiency. The time that it takes to achieve the highest level is determined solely by the individual and/or family. Consistency is the key to success once effective interventions are determined. Because of the uniqueness of the individual/family, therapist may be changed in order to best meet the needs of your family. Each therapist style is different, and it is important to us at Modern Mental Health to keep the clients progress as the number one priority.

The agencies program is the result of combined experience of season clinicians from different fields of thought. Our clinicians have over 50 years of combined experience working with clients in multiple settings; Adult residential, Adolescent residential, Prison population, Child residential, Hospital inpatient care, Geriatrics, Substance abuse, Outpatient Clinics and Military service agencies. In addition to our programs, we also offers a wide range of behavioral health testing and evaluations. Modern Mental Health is known throughout the community for our emphasis on autism and the work that we do with Autism. Additionally we place a strong emphasis on family support and offer families of Autistic children/adolescents/adults a support group once a month.

Krystle Hahn,  BA Founder and CEO – Krystle has been in the mental health field for 5 years providing services through all aspects of the business. Krystle started out as an office manager for a  private practice. Quickly after, she was named the director of operations for an out patient mental health agency. While being in her current and previous positions, Krystle has helped to implement many programs within the agency. Some of those programs consist of an autism support group, virtual therapy, and a 6-week life skills program for children and adolescents who have developmental delays. Krystle’s journey began back in 2012 when her youngest daughter was diagnosed with autism. From that moment on she has dedicated her time to learning as much as she can about autism and mental health in general. Krystle is currently pursuing her Masters degree in Social Worker at The University of Oklahoma.

Stacy Gibbs,  LPC Clinical Director -  Stacy has been in the mental health field since 1996. Her extensive background has allowed her to work in multiple areas throughout- the world. She has worked as a mental health tech, a play therapist, a counselor at a pediatric medical facility and a college professor for the University of Maryland University College Europe. In addition, Stacy, a military spouse of 20 years, has extensive experience with the military clientele population. She successfully held and maintained the only Department of Defense (DOD) civilian position at NATO in Lisbon, Portugal. She was also a Military Family Life Counselor at several locations for all service branches. Stacy is also a LPC supervisor.

Jonathan Forrest,  LPC -  Throughout Jonathan’s graduate and professional career he has been actively involved in encouraging mental health and emotional healing for others. As a community and school-based therapist, Jonathan has performed integrated models of assessment, intervention, and recovery, including screening for co-occurring disorders. Jonathan co-founded the ORU chapter of Actively Moving Forward, which supports and empowers college students grieving the loss of a loved one. Jonathan has developed healing therapeutic bonds with patients who were placed in long-term residential treatment and diagnosed Autism Spectrum Disorder and their families. Jonathan has had the privilege to walk with others through the healing process on the recovery from trauma and sexual abuse. Jonathan has also helped bolster adults recovering from substance abuse and alcoholism regain control of their lives and recover from the pain of addiction.

Molly Lawson,  Administrative Assistant - Molly has spent the last 10 years in Office Administration and Customer Service, 7 of those years in the Mental Health field. She has experience working with adults and children. Some of those settings include the homeless community, special needs, and substance abuse. Molly is a relatively new mom and loves to get down and play!

 Bareha Ahmed,  Admissions - Bareha is currently a student at Northeastern State University who recently graduated with her bachlors degree in Psychology. She will be pursuing a Masters degree in Clinical Mental Health, also at NSU, with the goal of becoming an LPC Therapist. In her spare time she enjoys photography, art, playing with her German Shepherd and spending time with friends and family.

Stacy Mitchell,  LPC Stacy has been actively invloved in the autism community throughout her entire life. She has dedicated her career to learning as much about autism spectrum disorder as she can. Stacy has had much success in working with a variety of different disorders amoung the younger population, as well as non-verbal individuals. She is actively persuing her certification as a play therapist.

Clint Anderson, LMFT -  Clint Anderson graduated from OSU in 2001. His degree is Masters of Family Relations and Child development with a specialty in Marriage and Family Therapy.  Since graduating, Clint has provided services in Adult Residential, Adolescent Residential, Geriatric Impatient, and Community Outpatient Services. During his school tenure, Clint studied humanities from psychology, sociology (minor), philosophy to world religions and anthropology.
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